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We offer a wide variety of systems that will suit each and every customer's budget and needs. Get in touch with us today to see how we can make your project a success. You’ll be surprised by how convenient and easy it is to do business with us.

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Technical Abilities

The Service you Deserve

CFP International is capable of providing turnkey construction services for fire suppression, fire alarm, and life safety. From bid to project completion, CFP International has the knowledge, capabilities, and experience to deliver the quality to satisfy our customers’ most exacting requirements.  

CFP International’s team has experience with all construction delivery methods, including design-build, design-assist, and plans and specs. With such a varied background, CFP International is capable of joining a project’s design phase at any juncture and being a successful partner of the design team. The company also works with state-of-the-art technologies, such as NAVIS, ReVit, and BIM compatible drafting programs, and is capable of meeting any technological design requirement. 

CFP International’s design team is capable of surveying existing buildings for renovation projects and designing new construction from the ground up. The company’s engineering technicians have a wealth of experience with both aspects and can meet the design needs of any project, anywhere. 

In addition, CFP International has relationships with manufacturers and suppliers throughout the world. This allows CFP International to utilize necessary fabrication and material procurement services in a cost-effective and timely manner as allowed. The company’s ties to these suppliers with worldwide capabilities allows CFP International to obtain virtually any part or material to build a project. 

Shipping materials to both domestic and overseas projects is a logistically demanding task, one which CFP International is capable of meeting. Here, CFP International has also built a network of relationships with both crating companies and freight forwarders. CFP International is able to crate all fire protection materials it procures and have the crates shipped worldwide utilizing both air and ocean transportation. Once onsite, our foremen are able to receive and verify all shipments and continue construction just as if the material had been delivered to a domestic project site. 

Onsite field supervisors and installation crews are hand-selected for their experience and ability. Field supervisors serve as the local point of contact for both the prime contractor and installation crews, whether American, local, or third-party national. CFP International employs journeymen and apprentices who are all members of various UA Locals. All CFP International field employees have the skills to install any fire protection system in any environment. 

Project managers are solely responsible for the management and construction of the project. They serve as the main point of contact between the prime contractor and CFP International. The project manager is also responsible for overseeing the engineering and field installation teams, serving as the coordinator to ensure successful completion of the fire protection scope of work. 

CFP International has the ability to send a full spectrum of knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced professionals to any project site, regardless of the location. From field survey teams to field supervisors, sprinkler fitters to foremen, quality control to trainers, CFP International has the personnel to meet the customer’s and the project’s requirements. 

Design-build construction is one of CFP International’s specialties and a prime component of our operation. Staffing our projects with a unique mix of design and construction professionals allows our team to take a job from its early planning stages, to the design phase, and through its final construction. CFP International believes in adopting an interactive team approach, as working in this manner fosters open communication and the sharing of ideas amongst all team members. Collaborating in this fashion leads to tangible benefits for all, including effective cost savings, value engineering, and high-quality construction. 

From the very beginning of a design-build project, the CFP International’s design team works closely with the prime contractor and lead design professional to develop the fire protection documents. This relationship, in turn, allows the design team to coordinate with the installation team, a collaboration that allows design and installation to proceed simultaneously with minimal interruptions to the process. Integrating all the disparate entities into a single team streamlines the whole project; CFP International’s institutional knowledge and experience is unique and far-reaching and can provide any owner with the tools necessary for the successful construction of a design-build project.

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Fire Pump

Supplementing your supply

Fire pump systems are an integral component of any fire suppression system. Fire pumps become a critical and essential component of the water supply for the fire suppression system as they provide the necessary system flow and pressure when the local water source is inadequate of providing one or both. The performance of any water-based fire protection system is dependent on the availability and reliability of the water supply to which it is connected; in many instances, the water supply feeding the fire suppression systems does not meet the criteria necessary for the systems to operate adequately. 

CFP International understands the requirements of procuring, pre-testing, shipping,  Installing, and commissioning a fire pump system for an OCONUS project site. Having provided numerous fire pumps both domestically and internationally, CFP International has the knowledge, experience, and ability to provide a full turnkey fire pump system capable of meeting any customer’s needs. Working with leading fire pump manufacturer’s representatives and the manufacturers themselves, CFP International is able to have a skid-mounted, diesel-driven fire pump constructed to meet the exacting needs of the specifications. These relationships are collaborations, and draw upon the experience of all parties. In addition to the skid mounted packages, CFP International is able to field build a fire pump room with the various parts and components to meet the applicable codes and standards.   

Manufacturer training is also an essential aspect to the delivery of a fire pump system by CFP International. This training includes not only that which is provided to the owner’s personnel onsite, but also for CFP International’s foremen and field employees who will be installing the fire pump system at the project site. CFP International personnel are sent to the manufacturer’s facility for training on the specific type of system they are to be installing and for continuing education on general fire pump concepts. Manufacturer’s training includes installation and start-up and operation and maintenance.

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Special Hazards

Protecting any type of condition

CFP International’s team has a long history of involvement with projects requiring special hazard fire suppression systems installation. The CFP International team’s portfolio includes clean agent, carbon dioxide, high-speed deluge, foam (all solutions), and water mist systems. These systems have been installed to protect facilities utilizing highly explosive materials; fuel storage tanks; military aircraft hangers; rare artifacts, including many of the nation’s most invaluable documents; power plants; water treatment plants; and works of art, among others. From the simplest wet-pipe sprinkler system to the most complicated special hazard application, CFP International has the experience and knowledge to provide the customer any fire protection system anywhere in the world.

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Providing the servics that you expect

CFP International takes great pride in its workforce. Each level of our construction teams is staffed by individuals who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge, allowing CFP International to be greater than the sum of its parts. Even with this experience and knowledge, CFP International emphasizes its employees’ growth through new skills and continuing education. This drive to improve has led to our employees seeking out and receiving certifications in all aspects of the fire protection trade, from engineering to manufacturer’s training. 

CFP International’s design team bring decades of experience and knowledge to their craft. One such way this is recognized is through regular testing with the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies (NICET). Not only does NICET require one to pass their examinations to receive certification, but the organization also requires a number of years of experience (depending on the level) and continuing education. 

Additionally, CFP International has numerous relationships with fire protection engineers (FPE) to help guide the engineering of a project so that it meets the applicable design criteria and codes. Our fire protection engineers use their knowledge of science and engineering principles to verify that a project design will allow the system(s) to work as intended. 

The field supervisors and installation crews are all journeymen and apprentices who are graduates of a UA Local apprenticeship training program. Their training through the apprenticeship program has provided them the knowledge, skills, and abilities to install any fire protection system. They are also afforded continuing education opportunities, both through their union and CFP International. CFP International regularly provides its field employees a chance to receive manufacturer’s training, either locally or at the manufacturer’s facility. CFP International has sent its employees to sprinkler, valve, and fire pump manufacturer’s facilities throughout the country. Keeping abreast of the latest changes in the fire protection industry is key to CFP International and its field employees sustaining their positive contributions to a project’s success. 

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Our customers are always number one.

CFP International’s team has been providing its expertise in fire protection construction on private, public, and government projects worldwide for over numerous years. 

Employing a team of cleared and experienced professionals, CFP International continues to contribute as a true partner at locations throughout the world. With experience of projects on five continents, CFP International’s team has proven itself to be a leading provider of fire protection quality control, engineering, project management, installation, and commissioning services across the globe.

CFP International consistently delivers successful fire protection services for the following clients: 
•    Architect of the Capitol 
•    Army Corps of Engineers 
•    Department of the Air Force 
•    Department of Defense 
•    Department of Energy 
•    Department of Homeland Security 
•    Department of State 
•    Department of State Overseas Building Operations 
•    General Services Administration 
•    National Security Agency 
•    Naval Facilities Engineering Command 

CFP International’s team takes great pride in its relationship with the United States Department of State and the American diplomatic community. The ability to successfully and consistently provide quality fire protection construction services throughout the world, in both secured and unsecured applications, continues to be a hallmark of CFP International’s work with the State Department. With an accomplished record of successful completion of all size projects, CFP International is, and has proven to be, an effective partner in furnishing world-class facilities to meet the exacting standards of the Department of State. CFP International looks forward to furthering its relationship with the Bureau of Overseas Building Operations (OBO) to help it accomplish its mission of providing “more secure, safer, more functional, and well-maintained facilities for the conduct of US diplomacy and the promotion of US interests worldwide”. 

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What We Do

Who We Are

Located in Hagerstown, Maryland, CFP International, LLC. is dedicated to helping you find the best system for your budget. Since our inception, we’ve been striving to create lasting relationships with our customers, and guarantee that they can count on us for honest pricing and installation quality with zero hassles. Let us know what we can do for your company by giving us a call. We’re here to make sure you don’t have to worry about anything.

CFP International was established by a small group of likeminded individuals with the aspiration to provide superior service and quality for fire protection systems to both customers domestically and internationally.  As a small business we value the customer service and quality that historically is related to small businesses.  Our team comprises of individuals that have been in the fire protection industry for years and have all valued the customer service aspect of the industry.  Through the use of in-house training and various manufacturers, our team is able to stay in the forefront of all new technology and industry advancements. 

The experience of our team ranges from small tenant fit outs to large government projects both domestically and internationally.  Through the experience of our team we are able to react quickly to our customers concerns and provide the expected quality that our teams reputation has come to be expected to provide.  We have the capability to perform all aspects of a project in house, including the design, fabrication, installation and inspection of the fire protection systems that protect all aspects of the industry.   Collectively our team has completed over 500+ projects over their fire protection careers including wet type sprinkler systems, special hazard, major renovations, tenant fit-outs, design-build projects, any many other types.  No project is to small nor too large for our team to approach with the same small business attitude, quality and customer service first and foremost

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